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    Tween you and me is a variety show - complete with hilarious games, exciting music, live human videos and comedy sketches that have a purpose. Each week the cast stars in a different role because they're soooo talented and love to do multiple characters! One week you might see an actor as a dad, the next episode the school principal and on the next one he might be a child! This is part of our "unique" flavor that's different than most kids shows. The sketches are really cool and funny and yet bring home a main point about God's plan for you!

    KidzAblaze Ministries: The show was created by the students and the adults that make up KidzAblaze Ministries. This group numbers over 50 people who have a heart to see God move mightily in the hearts of kids all across the world. For more information on KidzAblaze visit our website: www.kidzablaze.com

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      2018 Travel Dates 
      January 20:  Northgate Church, Salisbury, NC
      February 24:  One Church, Sanford, NC
      March 17:  Ocracoke Church, Ocracoke, NC
      April 28:  Greater Life Church, Matthes, NC

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    Voice to be heard - Sneak Peak

    Tween you and me - Live

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    Behind the Scenes #4

    Behind the Scenes #3

    Behind the Scenes #2

    Behind the Scenes #1

    Gorilla Size Strength

    Real Talk

    Class Room Scene

    Scene Setup

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